I am only a public entertainer
who has understood his time.
~Pablo Picasso
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The Grail is Lost

The Grail is lost
We have riches, wealth and knowledge to excess
Possessions pretty and magical
Some petty and some perturbing.
Mass creation and destruction at a touch
Blind and deaf from light and music that forever
From little toxic boxes flow
And steel carcasses surround us
Bending time and space on endless tarmac tendrils
Or floating—roaring—amidst the clouds
But the Grail is lost

Ms. Solidarity

When we were six years old we held hands and told the grown-ups we were going to marry when we grew up. Later, in our youth, she became a good friend's girlfriend, much to my chagrin. I would have loved it if she had chosen me, though I was too shy to do much to encourage her. Then we each went away to separate and distant boarding schools, though I don't think I ever knew where she'd gone til much later. In adulthood, we lived an ocean apart, until her father's imminent demise brought us back in contact. It was then the flame was rekindled. And also then that she reached out to me pleading for help. Her chosen lifestyle had made her an undesirable tenant, leaseholder or borrower and she needed help finding a place to live. The apartment she had lived in for years was going to be sold and she would be evicted. I stepped up to the plate and offered to provide a solution. She suggested we form a company to buy the apartment, she acting as partner and manager of the company and I as major stockholder. We went ahead.

A cancer on Gaia?

For years I've talked about how if you think of the planet, Earth, as a living being, and all the different species as the differentiated 'cells' that make up the organism, then what do you call a type of cell that reproduces without anything else to keep it in check and creates great scabs of concrete, glass and steel on the skin of the organism that exude poisonous fumes and extend long tendrils of concrete and asphalt endlessly out from scab to scab? In my mind this is a fair description of cancer.

Essay Due Monday

So here we are, humanity, the only species ever to evolve on this planet with the ability to destroy itself (and many others along with it) on the verge of doing exactly that. And watching ourselves do it, commenting on it and debating it. But will we change our self-destructive ways in time to survive the disaster we are in the midst of creating? That's your homework! Six hundred word essay due monday.

Peace and Tranquility

For the moment, this page is dedicated to peace and tranquility. Glad you got here. Hope you enjoy it. The picture above is of Popocatepetl and Ixtaccihuatl the volcanoes that used to dominate the view toward the east from Mexico City, now almost always obscured by the smog. It was taken from the window of an airliner on the way from Mexico City to Puerto Vallarta. Artifacts produced by imperfections in the airliners' triple windows were removed using Photoshop.

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