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Binary Goodies

These are a some short scripts written for my original Home Page, my personal one-page web site, written by hand in pure HTML back in the mid to late 90's. They were written as entertainment and to learn a little programming. They're still fun!

Binary Magic

The computer 'guesses' your number between 0 and 255. Originally written in BASIC on a Commodore 64 with a machine language routine to make the marquee lights chase fast enough, it uses bitwise AND and OR operations to arrive at a solution by a process of elimination.

Binary Date and Time

See what a binary calendar and clock might look like. Originally written in PERL.

Binary Visitor Counter

A binary hit counter that mildly mocked the ubiquitous hit counters that appeared at the foot of so many pages in those early days of the web. Originally written in PERL.

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