I am only a public entertainer
who has understood his time.
~Pablo Picasso
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The Grail is lost
We have riches, wealth and knowledge to excess
Possessions pretty and magical
Some petty and some perturbing.
Mass creation and destruction at a touch
Blind and deaf from light and music that forever
From little toxic boxes flow
And steel carcasses surround us
Bending time and space on endless tarmac tendrils
Or floating—roaring—amidst the clouds
But the Grail is lost

Percival and Galahad
The white hat on the high road
The black hat on the low
Search and find these endless riches
Drunk with power and success
Percival's forgotten what he seeks
Blind with righteousness and anger
Galahad betrays his quest
And though each his legions follow
Neither finds the Grail

So woe to us
Children of Eden
We have eaten from the tree
And sick from Hubris poison
And the illusion of wealth
We languish in confusion
In the rush to climate chaos
Like Lemmings from a cliff
And nuclear annihilation looms
Which implacable like Hydra
Has just grown another head

So lay down your pen my friend
Cease arguing the humble path
The world is your children's
And they must find their own way
For the Grail remains hidden
And so the way is obscured
With luck they'll wake tomorrow
And find the planet cured
Of  this  US her cosmic illness
 Although it seems absurd 

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